Digital Ischemia

Wacky, witty, over-wrought, Scottish short fiction

Recent highlights

Overdue – a tightly-woven two-part short story set in an utterly self-indulgent parallel universe

To Mount and Highbrow Raising – two comic essays—well, brief plunges into techy-smut and intellectual-smut

Neohaguich – a resourceful crone plunges into a whimsical netherworld to find a lost lover. Begins at part 1 of 11

Parathought – a very short, timeless fantasy for the solstice

Twelve Days of Twistmas – the Christmas song twisted into a series of linked short tales, fabricated around tortuous puns. Begins at part 1

Snaw-Whit and the Seven Daves – farcical fairy tale radio script where magic looks more like contrary technology and character flaws are diversity. Begins at episode 1 of 4

Grandparent File Download – short radio drama script where an IT support call grows arms and legs, virtually

Wratislaw – a drily hyperbolic, humorous short story: a pianist with a passion for Janáček’s music finds the composer’s unrequited infatuation is part of the bargain. Begins at part 1 of 10

Eye of the Storm – a wry, wide-toothed comb through a relationship defined by extreme weather events – a four part short story

The Tool, Parabola Hyperbolae and BBC Bureaucracy – my Truthache series staggers on with more searing instalments of petty neighbourhood vengeance


Magic Circles – a short fairy-tale about fellow creatures and freedom

Pigs – a short story with animal liberation taking a grisly turn

Teeth – a short story of wide-eyed innocent enchantment

Less Than Stories – scripted short legal interview challenging inter-species perceptions

Felix – short story teetering on the boundary between accepted relationships and transgression

Night on the Tiles – elegy for one death in an infinity

The Santa Hat – daft thought process indulging my seasonal hyper-consumerism dysphoria

Flickering Shades – fictionalised report of three plants at different stages of extinction

Mythofaun – edgy short story about a wise woman’s apprentice and a mythical creature

Isolates – dialogue, abstraction and narrative forming a short story about separation and changing perception


In the Dark – short radio drama scripts revelling in radio’s capacity for misdirection

Fossoway Flora – satirical fairy tale where paganism meets gaming, with a longer sequel for the masochistic, and most recently a radio-scripted diversion into a Tolstoian psychoanalyst surreality

Night Ride and Sunrise – summer solstice short story and sequel inspired by Sibelius’ rich journey (sans alliteration, mostly)

Truthache – series of wacky, paranoid, revenge fantasy morsels

Cold Call – series of telephone conversations where truth comes away in layers

The Fly and the Mountain – satirical distillation of my irritation with ‘spiritual superiority’

The Lassie and The Legume – wacky, whimsical, multi-part short story extending the fairytale The Princess and The Pea in a world of fantasy and illusion

Ruin – short swipe at the heady enchantment of late summer verdure

What You Wish For – Jane Austen science fiction; a feature-length screenplay about a woman seeking in another time the man she can’t have in the present

Glen Tosied – darkly humorous multi-part short story around maladjusted characters trying to find a meaningful life in dystopia

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