Digital Ischemia



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You thrust a fistful of grubby, glinty cinder dust on the bench. The evidence clatters, scatters.

“This is yours.” Where’s the rush of relief, the release of withholding?
“Aye,” Nicol expires, in his usual, barely interested fashion. He draws his attention back to you with fierce concentration. “I needed more, do you see? For this.” He gestures the surrounding explosion of components arrested by the cave.

Why is he guilty? Side-swiped again, you hurtle down cognitive cul-de-sacs. Only one remains:
“You sent Laz to buy it from me.”

As usual Nicol makes a grinding gear drop to match your sputtering spark. He never uses his information advantage.
“I needed you to lead me to it.”
The belated impact takes your head back a full four inches.
“This is your catalyst?”

A nexus of gnats swirl on an eddy of air, their tiny wings flipping between dark and pale grey as they wheel through a shaft of sun. For brief time there you had a value.

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