Digital Ischemia



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23 June

Where are you? Do you know? At some future point I can look back and fill in these blanks. I hope.

24 June

Is this the hard part, like I expected? Or is there worse to come? I’m not ready for that worse.

28 June

I had a bad thought. I didn’t mean it. I don’t mean it: Rory wasn’t the one I wanted. But he was. I picked him. I was perfectly happy with him.



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17 June

The paths are surreal. The leaves are inanimate. I’ve turned mindful, purposeless walking into something my legs do while I try to solve something that isn’t thinkable.

18 June

I’ve given myself an RSI in my wrist by eating from my one person-sized meal pan.

21 June

The solstice passed – the longest day. It is now the darkening half.

22 June

Rory’s doing his homework. On a Sunday. I’ve to tidy my shoes. If we’re both super-good…



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8 June

Today you left. Time stopped.

14 June

Rory’s at his friend’s. I thought this was good as I don’t have to see his every feature and behaviour that is you.

15 June

Rory looked at me strangely. He sees my erosion now. He still fiercely believes you’ll be back any day. His pronouncements about your promise to take him up the hill are even fiercer.

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