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Oddbodanov 9: The Queen’s Monastery, Brno

Mr Oddbodanov: The Wandering of a Little Soul begins at postcard 1
An inert protagonist modelled on Goncharov’s Oblomov sends surreal intimate postcards of unrequited attention from the Brno landmarks of Janáček’s Sinfonietta

September 21, 17:20
My dearest Ryksa,
I fear I may have been mildly possessed in that place! Since I emerged, I have been walking a circle: down the path to Husova Street, along to Úvoz Street and back up Gorazdova Street. Every time I make the ascent past these custard yellow, sage green, and powder pink tenements I hear the most fearful warning rasps. Even the wind blasts against me. I must retire and rest and hopefully restore myself.
With no less affection despite my wearily abbreviated message, your Strachan

…continues at postcard 10

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