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Oddbodanov 12: The Street Leading to the Castle

Mr Oddbodanov: The Wandering of a Little Soul begins at postcard 1
An inert protagonist modelled on Goncharov’s Oblomov sends surreal intimate postcards of unrequited attention from the Brno landmarks of Janáček’s Sinfonietta

September 22 P.M.
Dear Mr Oddbodanov,
Thank you for your latest postcards. On reflection, I see you were not in any real peril, but such drama! I admit I find these revelations increasingly captivating and eagerly anticipate your next cultural episode. I maintain that I have never made your acquaintance, but that’s no reason to be ungracious. I am however somewhat disturbed by your gravitation toward religiositiness. Any such inclinations are a non-starter as far as my esteem is concerned. However I am fond of a toffee and find myself lightly amused by your jape. It reminds me—but I have not space here for idle nostalgia.
Yours otherwise favourably, Euphorbia etc.

…continues at postcard 13

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