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Oddbodanov 13: The Street Leading to the Castle

Mr Oddbodanov: The Wandering of a Little Soul begins at postcard 1
An inert protagonist modelled on Goncharov’s Oblomov sends surreal intimate postcards of unrequited attention from the Brno landmarks of Janáček’s Sinfonietta

September 23
Dear Mr Oddbodanov,
What a relief to hear you have escaped the clutches of the ‘other’ Ryksa! I did not sleep last night for the most horrid visions of you entering the crypt with no intention of exiting. I shudder yet. I imagined you prone among the bones, ossifying. There is so much to live for! I am convinced. Even though I know nothing about you. Meanwhile I have unearthed my Brno A-Z (I don’t know why I have it) and stuck pins in you! I shall track your exploits if you continue to honour me with such scintillating instalments.
Yours in curious delight, Ephy

…continues at postcard 14

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