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Oddbodanov 17: The Town Hall, Brno

Mr Oddbodanov: The Wandering of a Little Soul begins at postcard 1
An inert protagonist modelled on Goncharov’s Oblomov sends surreal intimate postcards of unrequited attention from the Brno landmarks of Janáček’s Sinfonietta

September 25, 13:00
Most dear Ryksa-Euphorbia,
I cannot go on. I am sure you suspect by now. I never did travel to Brno. Never quite got started. We meant to go together. I suppose I hoped we might yet, even in our imaginations. Fitness in mind as well as body! You see, I too hear the festival, the same one you hear, year after year after our year, although I try to drown it out with old records. I have always been close to you, especially since old elephant-ears RIP packed his celestial trunk. Would you like to have tea? Ginger biscuits are on offer.
Yours in ever hopeful anticipation, Strachan a.k.a. Bert, No.4 Flat 2 (by the funfair)


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