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The Twelve Days of Twistmas part 3/12

The Christmas song twisted into a series of linked short tales, fabricated around tortuous puns. Begins at part 1.

After a warm spell, the forecast predicted the wind would swing around to north-east. I liked to get the chores out the way in the morning so I could spend the rest of the day unfettered by self-imposed obligation. I lifted the mini wheelbarrow in the kitchen and pushed out into the yard. The log stack was against the south side of the shed. The other shed. It was hard to distinguish from the hut sometimes.

Today, however, there were five sheds: the original, familiar, human-sized one, the medium-sized storage one, plus three rather smaller. Each was surrounded by its own individual enclosure of wooden struts and chicken wire. Chicken… Each roof had a hatch for observing its inhabitant. I lifted the nearest and was greeted by endearing cluckles. She seemed well settled in a surfeit of hay. I could see an egg. I nearly reached straight in, but checked my greed for instant gratification. Not mine. I hadn’t even said hello. I said hello. Thrice.

I gently replaced the last observation hatch and returned to my log mission. My mind, as so often, went to food; not for me, though, for them. As I passed the pens on my way back to the house, I peered in more thoroughly and confirmed there was indeed an individual hopper installed in each mini shed. Raising my head, I noticed a tag fluttering out from the wire in the start of that north-easter.

Each pen had a label: Nicole. Narcisse. Noelle. Three French hens. Indeed, three French Ns. In three French pens. Fancy.

Notwithstanding that a handful of Bic Cristal ballpoints would’ve been a lot simpler, I admit I was sensing a pattern.

The Twelve Days of Twistmas continues at part 4

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