Digital Ischemia


Tap, tap, tap.  What am I?  Not a bird at the window, although I am.  Not one-finger typing; my typing finger has frozen rigid.  It is 22 degrees celsius.  I am the insistent distraction of invented conversations in my head, trying to get out.

Radio gives me so much: the music that inspires my creativity and the drama that uses sound alone to convey the story, appealing to my sense of purism. Inevitably I try to emulate, by creating audio scripts as well as video scripts. This is not just to convert to writing in a different format, but to use the different medium in telling the story: the very fact that the audience can’t see the action offers opportunities for mystery and misdirection.

Thank you for reading. Your contributions are welcome.

If it helps, my generous previous reviewers have found it necessary to contact me directly to divest themselves of enumerated paragraphs pointing out my flaws.


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