Digital Ischemia



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Maybe it’s the time of year: anniversaries – tragedy and loss – while popular culture tries to sell me plastic gratification and overindulgent joy. Maybe it’s the threat to my electric existence from storms and stupidity. Maybe, more likely, it’s exceeding the recommended daily dose of cheese and blocking my shitting lanes with a riceberg.

In any case, I’ve been here before. It’s a refreshingly cool night: gentle, fine rain, shifting in a slight breeze like fraggles’ hair. I feel leaden. I strike a match to light a candle to fire a taper to approach the cauldron. In the flickers orange splashes of garage innards lurch at me. Nobody keeps cars in their garage now. It’s power tools, freezers, equipment of deviance.

And a potion, a portal, a person. All of these, mine to employ, with just one sacrifice: truth. Drink, enter, become. I have some wayward wanderers to visit.

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